An introduction to home care funding

When finding that you need care and support for yourself or a loved one, it can be a worrying time. It’s the type of service that we don’t really think about until we need it.

Understanding what your options are for home care funding is important, so we’ve provided information here for your convenience. If you would prefer to have a chat with a member of the Assured Quality Care team, then please get in touch as we’ll be more than happy to help at this difficult time.

Our local care team are experienced and knowledgeable about every stage of the journey in home care and support, it may be of help to discuss your options.

Localised, reliable home care

We have a local, community based focus and specialise in the delivery of care within the South Leeds, Morley, Dewsbury, Batley and Wakefield areas. We work closely with the Local Authority and Health Care Professionals. This allows us to provide specialised advice, as well as a reliable, flexible and high-quality care service through our local care team.

Local Authority support with home care funding

The first port of call needs to be Adult Social Services, they can be contact from your local council website. Social Services will assess whether funding for social care will be granted, this is means tested.

You may already know that you or your loved one will not qualify for social care funding, however there are also non-means tested allowances that you could be entitled to anyway.

Home care funding is explained further in the About funding section.

Paying for care privately

You might purchase care time privately for the following reasons;

  • You do not qualify for the means-tested social care funding.
  • The Local Authority is not providing all the funding that you would like so you may wish to ‘top up’ your care with private payments.
  • You might wish to buy care time to help a loved one out, in addition to what support they already receive, or to enhance their quality of life.

Find out how we can help you today…

If you would like a chat, or more information about home care funding or costs, you can contact us to discuss your requirements, or arrange a free care assessment, at a time that suits you on 01138 300926.

Our local care team cover South Leeds, Morley, Dewsbury, Batley and Wakefield. We offer a localised, reliable and quality home care service within these areas.