Benefits of Home Care

When faced with the task of arranging elder care, many don’t know where to begin with all the daunting options available. Chances are, they have had more than one sleepless night worrying about their elderly parent’s future. Luckily, the answer may be as simple as letting your elderly parent stay within the comfort of their own home – helping them age comfortably, gracefully and with dignity.

Of course, home care may not be the best solution for all eldercare cases, especially should they require intensive medical care, but for most elderly parents, home care can certainly be the best option.

Home care can provide a variety of benefits for both your elderly parent and your own family. Here are several considerations that can help you make an informed decision when choosing between eldercare options:

Promotes Dignity, Independence and Freedom

Did you know, most older adults fear moving into a nursing or care home because of the loss of independence? According to multiple studies done in America (and similar studies done in the UK), nearly 90% of older adults would prefer to stay within the comfort of their own home. It is no surprise that home care ranks highly for a preferred method of caring, since it allows older adults to maintain maximum freedom and independence.

It is Individual and Personalised Care

Everyone is different – they have different lifestyles, habits, hobbies, goals and come from different backgrounds. Home care recognises and promotes these differences, offering individualised services based on individual needs and preferences, which helps promote greater life satisfaction in older age.

Keeps Families Together

Families are an essential part of a person’s happiness in life, and provides an unparalleled emotional and mental support structure during old age. Those who choose home care can still enjoy the benefits of remaining in the family home whilst also enjoying unrestricted visiting hours. Family members can visit as often as necessary without concern about “intruding in other people’s spaces”. Knowing your loved one is in a safe, comfortable environment of his or her choice, such as their own home, also helps reduce the feelings of guilt associated with arranging external support.

Extends and Improves Quality of Life

Home care helps postpone institutionalisation, such as a care/nursing home or hospitalisation. There have been extensive studies carried out into the health and quality of life benefits of aging at home compared to other forms of long-term care, and the results have consistently shown faster recovery from ailments, extended life longevity and higher rates of life satisfaction. By encouraging independence and choice, home care keeps aging parents in charge of their own lives for as long as possible, which helps extend their lifespan through minimisation of stressors associated with aging, as well as by enhancing and enriching their later years.

Can Be More Effective and Safer Than Other Forms of Care

While care and nursing homes are usually regarded as safe environments, there has been a growing trend in the number of infectious outbreaks within these environments. When someone is cared for at home, the risk of an infectious outbreak nears to zero. The one-to-one attention of home care means your loved one receives swift, immediate care without the heightened risk of infection from multiple carers and occupants. This one-to-one also means your loved one receives the full attention of the carer, resulting more effective care.

Home Care Saves Money

Home care can offer far higher value for money compared to the alternatives, such as a care or nursing home. With home care, you only pay for the care that your elderly parent needs, which is usually highly tailored to them individually. This means the average cost of home care, requiring on average 14 hours per week, can be less than £11,000 per year, whereas the average cost of using a residential care home currently runs to £28,500 per year, and as high as £37,500 per year for a nursing home.

Choosing between the various eldercare options can be complex, but most care providers, such as Assured Quality Care, as well as local social care services should be able to help you with extensive advice and guidance to aid you in making an informed decision.

Localised, reliable home care

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You can also find more information on choosing between a care home or home care from specialist services such as the Money Advice Service website.